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Our Mission

to provide advanced intelligent systems and operations to the public transportation industry of Myanmar, and to assist all the public transport carriers in providing safe, efficient, convenient and comfortable services to the common Myanmar people.

Our Vision

to be the best solution provider in Intelligent Transportation Systems in Public Transport Industry of Myanmar


Remember The Past

SINCE 2017

Asia Starmar Transport Intelligent Company, ASTI has established itself as a key of smart public transport service provider in Yangon, Myanmar. With over intelligent system industrial experience and advanced technology of Chongqing, ASTI now stands as one of the leading smart intelligent system service company in Myanmar.
ASTI Group of Companies have incorporated with the Technology of Chongqing D&I Tech, China and developed Transport Intelligent System in Myanmar. Our businesses are supported by 5 main pillars;

  • Yangon Bus Media
  • Yangon Payment Service
  • Smart Education Service (Smart Camp)
  • Smart Transit App
  • Intelligent Dispatching and Fleet Management (ITS)
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Our Core Value


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