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Intelligent Transport System

A provider of YBS Fleet Management solutions in Myanmar

The Intelligent Telematics System (ITS), is a provider of YBS Fleet Management solutions in Myanmar since March 2017 thru Chongqing D&I Tech Server, China.

Since that time, the CCTV, DVR, TV and GPS were installed to the 1,362 YBS buses in Yangon, Myanmar for public smart transportation. We also support the individual fleet management and control center services related to bus companies of YUPT, YBPC, GST, KTB in order to know the bus route, time, safety for both driver and passengers as live stream as well as Installation and Maintenance Services.

This intelligent vehicular telematics platform, which consists of an in-vehicle device connecting the YBS bus, school bus with an “ODB-II” bridge construction, and a mobile application software on smartphone for vehicle driving safety. The proposed platform can real-time monitor vehicular information (such as vehicle engine speed, oxygen, speed per hour, and water temperature), which can efficiently reduce major accidents occurrence ratio. Moreover, the proposed platform also provides immediate vehicle location GPS coordinates and date that can effectively help to recover the lost vehicles.

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